Frequently Asked Questions

How do employees access the program?

If your companies/business has an intranet facility then it's possible to insert a tab or link for all direct employees to gain access to the program. Staff can also access the EAE Employee Benefit Program externally via the public website or by using your unique URL link.

What happens when an employee ceases employment?

When an employee ceases employment, you will need to notify EAE immediately at so that we can cancel all further activity/access for this user. All people that have been nominated by the employee will also lose access to the EAE program once the employee has been removed from your system.

Once this has been completed, you will be notified by EAE so that you can re-issue this user licence access to an alternative staff member.

Who pays for the program?

The employer pays for the program via a monthly subscription fee per employee. The EAE subscription fee is charged quarterly in advance for the first payment then monthly in advance thereafter.

What do I do if an employee loses a login/password?

On the public web site there is a lost password retrieval function that allows all users of the EAE program to retrieve their passwords.

Who allocates access codes to access the program?

EAE will provide your organization with the relevant amount of licence subscriptions log in codes once contracts have been finalised and first payments have been received. The code is a generic code that is then distributed by the employer to the employer's staff. This code then allows access for all employees's to enter the EAE site and register their own password.

How do I obtain additional access for new employees if I have allocated all of the subscription licences issued?

Should you find yourself in a position that all licences have been issued to staff, you will need to contact your EAE account manager to obtain additional subscriptions.

What is included in the cost to acquire this program?

Access to the EAE program along with DL Employee Brochure will be supplied per licence subscription. Each department or key personnel within the business will be supplied with an A4 Employer Brochure.

Does EAE have a referral program?

If a client of EAE refers 3 other organizations that have a minimum of 10 staff, and these organizations join the EAE program within 12 months of the referring clients initial start period, EAE will supply your business with an additional 2 months access at no cost.

How do I refer a business to EAE?

Simply contact EAE giving the clients details along with who is the relevant person for EAE to contact. It's important that the first contact comes from you explaining that a representative from EAE will be in contact with them to make a time to discuss their individual needs. EAE will not contact companies that have not spoken to you regarding the EAE program.

What happens if you have pre-existing employee benefits that have been secured by our business?

One of the features of the EAE program is the ability for EAE to include any existing benefit or offer that you already have for your staff. We will contact your current supplier and incorporate their/your offer into our program. We will build them the same sites as our current suppliers at no charge.

How do I obtain additional marketing collateral?

Additional marketing collateral can be purchased from EAE for your staff.

What is the cost for additional marketing collateral?

The cost of additional marketing collateral is determined on a case by case basis. The price may vary depending on the type of collateral, the amount of collateral ordered.

Can a business request that an offering be removed from the program if is conflicts with a pre-existing company obtained offer or a direct competitor in the market place?

Yes, EAE can remove any supplier that conflicts with your current supplier relationships.


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