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Reward Your Staff And Reap The Benefits

It has long been accepted that rewards and recognition can play an important role in encouraging performance on the job. To recognise and reward employees goes a long way in recruiting and retaining high-performing, engaged and happy workers.

Employee engagement is the key to a profitable business, and the EAE employee benefits program assists in such engagement, aligns the organisations values, motivates and incentivises business performance, increases productivity and employee satisfaction and helps with staff retention. The more engaged your employees are, the higher performing your company will be.

The EAE employee benefits and rewards program is an innovative, cost-effective way of continually reinforcing good behaviours and higher productivity achievements, as it is not a once-off gift or reward, but an ongoing series of benefits that that gives your staff a tangible reminder of the organisation's appreciation for their contribution.

How much is employee turnover really costing you?

Recent studies at Swinburne University* found that in Australia, the average turnover rate is hovering at an incredible 20-25% . How much are you losing when your people decide to leave? Studies have shown that replacing a single employee will cost more than 150% of their annual salary. Based on the average annual salary, losing one employee can cost up to $60,000.

When you consider all the associated costs - lost productivity, vacancies, re-training, temp hires and recruitment costs - employee turnover is frighteningly expensive. With unemployment at a 30-year low in Australia, maintaining employee loyalty is not just a priority, it's an investment that could save companies millions of dollars over the coming years. *1-3 Swinburne University, 2005.

Joining the Program

We realise that the timing of employee recognition can be absolutely critical, which is one of the many benefits of the program – it is as simple for your organisation to organise and implement, as it is for your staff to redeem.

To find out how your organisation can use the EAE benefits program to reward your staff, call us on 1300 552 147, or send us an email using the form located on our contact page


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